April 15, 2021
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White House Announces
ACA Subsidies Will End

AHCA Bulletin


News Brief: 
Massive Data Equifax Breach 

News Brief



5 Ways to Cut your Healthcare Costs


House Passes Amended AHCA
AHCA Bulletin


Maximizing Open Enrollment for Employees 
HR Insights


Credit Cards -Retail -Risk Management
Risk Insights 


 2017 Open Enrollment Checklist
Compliance Review


Data Breaches
-A Growing D&O Concern

The Mgmt File 


 Common Expsures of Craft Breweries
Common Exposures of Breweries


FLSA Overtime Rule
Risk Scorecard 
FLSA Overtime Rule Risk Scorecard


Workplace Wellness Plan Design -Legal Issues
Compliance Review


OSHA Enforcement & Penalties 
OSHA Enforcement & Penalties 


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