November 23, 2020
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Olson & Olson, Ltd. is an equal Employment Opportunity Employer. We do not use personal information in our hiring process and are dedicated to hiring the person who is best suited for our jobs without any knowledge or consideration of any individual`s membership in any protected class. Any personal information found on the application or any supporting documentation will be removed as soon as it is discovered. All applications received by Olson & Olson, Ltd. will only remain active for one year.

Olson & Olson, Ltd. is committed to promoting safety and high standards of employee performance, productivity and reliability. In order to achieve this, all finalists may be subjected to a drug test prior to being hired to assure the Company that the applicant does not currently have narcotics, sedatives, stimulants and/or other controlled substances in his/her body. Further, Olson & Olson, Ltd. supports a Drug-Free Workplace Policy.

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Posting Date: 10/26/2020
Department: Commercial Insurance
Position: Account Manager
Summary: The position of Senior Account Manager exists to support the overall strategy of the agency to provide tailored, full-service insurance programs to its clients. The Sr Account Manager assists the client with recommendations to appropriate insurers and plan designs and identifies and implements best practices processes and procedures to maximize the productivity and profitability of the department.
Salary: $57,000 - $70,000 annual
Duties: •Meet with insurer markets to understand products, determine product fit and identify efficient processing methods.
•Service clients including account renewals, claims, billing and answering client and employee questions.
•Support the internal sales process by obtaining insurer quotes, compiling RFPs, and creating professional presentations for both renewal and new/prospect clients.
•Perform office work directly related to the general business operations of Olson & Olson, Ltd.
•Exercise discretion and independent judgment with respect to matters of significance; evaluate and compare possible courses of action and make decisions or recommendations after considering various possibilities.
•Provide analysis to clients on existing and potential lines of coverage.
•Assist in client insurance meetings.
•Assist in establishing and implementing new business marketing strategies for the department.
•Follow up with insurers on coverage placement and change requests.
•Coordinate and initiate communication between clients and insurers through correspondence and conference calls.
•Enter timely, detailed documentation on all transactions and communications into the agency’s management system.
•Any other tasks as assigned to support and service the agency’s clients.
Qualifications: REQUIRED SKILLS:
Possess strong time management and organization skills for prioritizing multiple projects and meeting multiple deadlines. Ability to communicate and negotiate effectively using verbal and written skills. Strong analytical skills for working with highly detailed information.

5 years of Commercial Insurance experience in the insurance industry with specific product knowledge in construction preferred. Intermediate to advanced experience with Microsoft Excel and Word required. Applied Systems TAM preferred.

High School Diploma or GED. Bachelors’ Degree preferred, or equivalent experience.
Active Property & Casualty license.